Is it better a hot water or cold water high pressure cleaner?
Thanks to hot water high pressure cleaner it is possible to remove also grease or oily residues from engines. The cleaning time is short and the surfaces dry more quickly. The cold water removes all types of dirt and can be used for all types of applications.

Turbo nozzle: the best when?
Combining the strength of concentrated high pressure jet to rotary motion, allowing you to work on large surface, turbo nozzle is ideal to remove toughest dirt.

Is it possible to use inlet warm water?
In the case of cold water high pressure cleaners, to prevent damages to the mechanical parts, the maximum inlet water temperature allowed is no more that 40 °C. We would like to remind that hot water high pressure cleaners, in addition to temperatures close to 100 °C, can work obviously with cold water only.

What are the factors influencing the cleaning quality of a pressure cleaner?
The main factor is the physical action of the high pressure flow rate, mechanical and impact action on the surface.; the second factor is the use of hot water, see features mentioned above; the third is the use of detergents; distance from the surface and duration of the cleaning phase are the last two factors that can affect the quality of the perfect clean.
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